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We have a lot of customers ask us how we move buildings and how things come to completion.  Well, here are some photos that we would like to share to give you an idea of just how we will construct and transport your building to you!  We would also like to share other services that we offer!

Step One: Construction
Step two: Finishing
Step Three:  The Mule

Construction begins with skilled Amish craftsmen with years of experience and workmanship in the industry.

Nearly completed, your building will go through it's finishing stage with a quality assurance check-list prior to being completed.

To load buildings, we use a tool called a "Mule".  The Mule is a motorized tool that allows us to pick up and move your building without any damage or loss.

Step Four:  Loading Up

Along with the Mule, a driver can actually load and unload your building alone.  Using state-of-the-art equipment, our drivers deliver your building with amazing precision.

Step five:  Hauling

When we transport multiple buildings, we utilize trucks and trailers. 

Step Six:  Installation for you

From construction to delivery, Backyard makes sure that your building meets our quality standards and your satisfaction.

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