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        Backyard Building Features



 Construction Techniques




Skids: Our buildings are built on ground contact, forty (40) year rated, CCA treated, 4 x 6 skids. These skids are notched 1/2” everywhere a floor joist crosses it.



Floor Joists: Our buildings are built on pressure treated 2 x 4 floor joists on 8' bldgs; 2x6 on 10' and 12' bldgs. Spaced on 16” centers that are toe-nailed into 1/2” notches in each 4 x 6 skid. Garage buildings are built with 2 x 6 floor joists spaced on 12” centers.



Floor Decking:   We use heavy duty tongue and groove engineered flooring (Adventech 50 year warranty or similar product) on our floors. We feel this is the best flooring for most applications.  Pressure treated flooring is available at the customer’s request at no additional charge.  This provides a very robust flooring system that provides ample support for just about anything a customer may wish to place in their building.



Walls: In our treated series, construction is 2x4 framework with studs on 2’ centers with other stud being doubled due to our siding manufacturer’s specifications. We use premium pressure-treated, kiln-dried T-111 siding on our treated series.   In our painted series, we have all 2x4 framework with studs on 16” centers due to siding manufacturer’s specifications.  We use Engineered Wood panel Panel for Siding our painted buildings .



Stain:  Our treated buildings are sprayed with a five year, honey gold stain and sealant.  This provides extra protection and gives your building a beautiful finish.  We do not spray on-site buildings. 



Painted:   We spray two coats of a high quality paint.  This provides a water-tight sealant creating long lasting durability for your building for years to come.



Doors: All of our buildings come with shop-built 2 x 4 reinforced doors with three steel T-hinges per door. Eight foot (8') width buildings come with a single 4’ door (46” actual clearance); this is wide enough for most 42” cut lawn tractors. Ten and twelve foot width buildings come standard with a 6’ wide pair of doors (70” actual clearance). The exceptions to this rule are the Portable Cabins and Portable Garages. These buildings come standard with a residential, factory made house door.  Garages also come with a roll-up garage door.



Windows: We offer 2x3 and 3x3 aluminum windows which come standard or you can choose to add thermal pane windows.



Roofing: We use at least 30 yr. rated asphalt/fiberglass roofing shingles. We also offer 30yr 29 Gauge Metal roofing in a varity of colors ask you dealer for more info.



Roof Decking: We use 7/16” o.s.b. or plywood for roof decking.



Trusses: We make our own trusses of 2 x 4 construction with truss plates. (engineered stamped)



Vents: Our buildings are all gable vented to reduce heat and prolong the life of the roof shingles. This also lessens the chance of mold or mildew problems.  We also offer ridge vents for an additional fee.



Trim: All exterior trim is made from pressure treated 1 x 4’s on treated buildings and Smart Wood trim on painted bldgs.



Fasteners: All exterior fasteners are zinc coated ring shank nails which resist rusting and provide exceptional holding strength.



Drip Edge: All buildings come standard with aluminum drip edge to keep the shingles from sagging and to give the building a neat finished appearance.

All Backyard Buildings (except Value Shed) come standard with a steel diamond plate threshold.  This will help prevent excess wear and tear to the floor and door entry from loading and unloading your building.

Aluminum Diamond                Plate

Metal Roof

Color Pallette 

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