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        Give your Building color



Bring your building to life with your favorite choice of colors! We'll customize your building as you wish! We work with the largest paint companies in the industry where durability to withstand the elements is paramount with us! Our product has to last a lifetime so we go in search of companies that we know have the quality products to live up to our standards!

Paint Colors
Shingle Roof Colors
Metal Roof Colors
Side Lofted Barn Cabin

A perfect example of a very versatile building where the customer chose to add paint.  The paint gives the building the additional "character" the customer was in search of.


This cabin is painted clay with almond trim and a brown metal roof.

Lofted Barn Cabin

We always enjoy painting buildings because we enjoy the end result and watching the customer's face light up! This lofted cabin is an absolute perfect retreat for a weekender or even for an office! 


This cabin is painted with barn red, white trim, and has a weathered wood colored shingle.


One of our most popular items is a painted garage.  Versatility, quality, and room for more than just your vehicle.  


This garage is painted with clay with white trim and a charcoal metal roof.

Lofted barn

This building has six foot five inch walls,(Optional 7' Walls) with a gambrel style roof. There is lofted space in both the front and the back of the

building, offering you optimum storage space per square foot. This is a very popular building.


- Eight foot wide buildings come with a four foot wide door.


- Ten and twelve foot wide buildings come with a six foot wide double door.



Painted  Utility

This utility building has been customized with an additional door and window giving it the perfect "potting shed" look.  Excellent building for the grandkids, too! Makes a perfect playhouse!


This utility is painted creme with white trim and has a weathered wood color shingle.

Painted Utilities

Utility buildings are simple, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile for use.  These buildings can be customized to be whatever color you wish.



Cottage Shed

Many customers wish to have their storage building color match their house color or other outbuildings.  This is a classic example of a cottage shed that is perfect for housing lawn equipment, trash bins, or any other type of storage solution! 


This shed is painted clay with almond trim and has weathered wood colored shingles.



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