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Rent To Own

NO Credit Check! 

Why rent mini-storage units if you can rent-to-own

your portable building?


•   Your storage will be more secure in your back yard.

•   Why drive all the way across town to access your valuables ?

•   The actual cost of using our rent-to-own program can be mathmatically proven to

     be less than renting a mini-storage unit.

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How does Rent-to-Own work ?


The rental program is set up as a rental agreement and does not operate like a financing company. You simply rent the building for 36 months and then you own it. That simple.

There are no early pay off fees. Which means that you only pay extra rent money on the monthly rental payment. The sooner you pay the balance in full the more you save.

You will need to read and sign a contract before delivery.

At the time of signing you will need to pay the following:

1) The security deposit.

This is $100 on all 8’ and 10” wide Buildings, $200 on all 12’ wide Buildings.

This security deposit is fully refundable after the 36 month contract is complete.

2)  The first months rent. 

14’ and 16” wide Buildings require a larger deposit, depending on building size. Ask your Dealer
for more details.

You will be billed each month for your building payment. If you have any questions, Please contact Backyard Portable Buildings for any custom pricing and details.

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